Our Team


About The Chef

Chef Pepin pursued his love for food in 2012, after spending almost 8 years working in the Information Technology industry. He has always enjoyed cooking for friends and family that it was only a matter of time before he gave up his day job to pursue his true passion.

He took the Higher Certificate in Culinary Arts in SHATEC International Hotel and Tourism School in Singapore in 2012 and started gaining experience, training at the The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore the following year. In 2014, he headed the kitchen at Baker & Cook (Singapore), a popular artisan bakery and café.

As head chef of Yolk Coffee & Breakfast, Chef Pepin personally designed the menu according to the team’s vision of developing the brunch culture in Cebu. He looks forward to bringing new and exciting twists to breakfast favorites, as well as continually creating his own dishes for Yolk’s guests.

Our Associates

At Yolk, we’re one big family. So you’ll never hear us call the people we work with “staff” or “employees”. They’re our associates — each one of them uniquely awesome in their own way. They’re the ones you can talk to & interact with, the cool ones who know how to have fun. They put love and care into what matters—how they affect you & the world around them, not how they look or how to get into your pocket. They’re the ones that maybe, just maybe, you can even become friends with.


About Lucky Peach Food Group

Lucky Peach Food Group is comprised of a group of friends who share a common passion for coffee and breakfast. Casual chats between mutual friends sprouted into the idea of opening a breakfast place in Cebu, because 2 of the partners are Cebuana. LPFG looks to share their passion for good food and coffee with the hope of Cebu enjoying it too.