Our Story


Our Brand

At Yolk, we believe in celebrating authenticity and originality.

We believe that we are at our best when we can truly be ourselves. We strive to work with a diverse group of individuals who genuinely love what they do, and genuinely love serving you. At Yolk, we welcome you to be your authentic self. 

At Yolk, we are committed to creativity and passion. We strive to deliver unique, innovative dishes with a great customer experience, while maintaining a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. We put thought to every little detail of the Yolk experience, from the food and coffee, to little touches like choosing a special playlist every week, or spreading inspirational messages throughout the cafe.

Our Mission

Our goal is to consistently provide an exceptional dining experience to our customers with every visit: from fantastic food and coffee offered at a reasonable price, to fast and dependable service, in a warm and comfy setting.

Our Vision

Yolk operates with a vision of being more than just a coffee and breakfast place.   We aspire to provide a space where people can celebrate their authentic selves, form meaningful connections and create inspiring experiences over a good cup of coffee and breakfast.