Our Food

The story behind our breakfast ideas. 

Yolk’s specialty dishes is the brainchild of Yolk’s head chef, Pepin Ordona.

The dishes at Yolk are best described as “international brunch fare with a local twist.”  The menu is made intentionally small to ensure that only the dishes perfected are served. The Yolk culinary team will continue to recreate and experiment so we can generate inspired all-day breakfast ideas throughout the year.


Spanish Chorizo and Eggs in a Pan

Cebuanos love their chorizo. When the Yolk team brainstormed on dishes to put on the menu, we knew we had to have a couple of chorizo options. While the native chorizo makes an appearance in our omelettes and rice meal sets, we looked into serving a classic chorizo recipe as one of our specialties. The Spanish Chorizo’s distinct taste comes from salted ground pork and paprika, among other ingredients. The Yolk specialty is made personally by Chef Pepin and his kitchen staff, then cooked with eggs on a sizzling plate. It’s a guaranteed hearty meal – with your choice of garlic fried rice or salad and toast as side dishes.


Goodness in a Jar

You can never go wrong with granola, peanut butter, bananas and yogurt – mix them together and you get yourself real goodness in a jar! It’s the perfect mix of salty, sweet and sour with both crunchy and soft sensations in the mouth. Get yourself your daily dose of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in this mighty package! Comes in 2 sizes (regular and mini).


Eggs Benny

We didn’t invent the Eggs Benedict, but it’s a Western breakfast staple that we wanted more people in Cebu to have access to. The classic Eggs Benedict has poached eggs, ham or bacon on English muffins, and hollandaise sauce. The Yolk version, which we fondly call Eggs Benny, is also cooked with poached eggs and bacon, but served on slices of sourdough bread. Hollandaise sauce is usually made with lemon, but our resident chef substituted it with the local calamansi. While it’s tempting to take numerous photos of this photogenic dish and posting them on Instagram prior to eating, we highly recommend you dive straight into eating the dish while it’s still hot.

Pumba Sandwich

The Pumba Sandwich is made from pulled pork – a method of cooking meat in low temperature for a period of time, such that the meat is so tender that it can be “pulled” into pieces. Inspiration for the recipe came from a Cebuano dish favourite, humba” (braised pork stew). The Yolk version is less sweet and sour though, and served as a sandwich. Pickled veggies or atchara” accompany the meat, giving the sandwich a good balance of flavours. Be prepared, the sandwich size is quite big to satisfy someone with a huge meat craving!